Fun Things to do in Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach Los Angeles is one of the most desired destinations of travelers and vacationers worldwide. It creates a superficial sense of the ethereal unlike other places in the world. It is popular for the street performers, artists and the lively atmosphere. It seemed like a place where carnival occurs all year round without admission fees

In fact, the Venice Beach Cotel is one of the key things that make your stay in Venice memorable and exciting. It makes Venice indeed unique compared to its counterparts. Each of the beaches in Venice had its own exceptional personality. You think you’ve seen them all but not in Venice Beach.

Things to do in Venice Beach Los Angeles

1. Sharks tooth hunting on Casperson Beach at the end point of the Harbor Drive

2. Have fun at the pavilions and playground at the edge of Red Lake

3. Bring pets on Brohard Beach celebrating the bondage between your four-legged friends and you

4. Ride on jetty and go fishing or just watch a beautiful sunset

5. Gain access to the Intracoastal area through the newly renovated pavilion located Nokomis Beach

6. Ride your bike on Venice Beach bike path. It is a concrete bike path that stretches out along the sand and up the coast through Santa Monica. It is one of the popular spaces for roller skating and biking ideal for local and foreign public exhibitionist. The path takes a detour on the Marina Del Rey. You can also continue your biking activity south towards the Palos Verde Peninsula.

Find a great deal at Venice Beach Cotel, Los Angeles Hostel and enjoy the rest of your stay in Venice while relaxing at the same time. Venice Beach has many things waiting for you to uncover.

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