Interesting facts about Los Angeles Beaches

If you’re the type who loves beaches then Los Angeles Beaches are definitely a treat. You can stay at Venice Beach Cotel and find great deals on accommodation while you’re at it. Aside from the coziness and warmth of the cotel, there are a lot of things you can learn about Los Angeles Beaches.

1. Malibu Lagoon is home of Hollywood Celebrities and Superstars

Private beaches and stunning homes stretches out in Malibu. It is worth your while to find exclusive beaches where you can spend some of your vacation time,

2. Santa Monica’s Pier is the Oldest in the West Coast of United States

Free to visit the pier, great to eat in restaurant and tons of street performances to enjoy, Santa Monica Beach is a good place to start for your vacation.

3. Venice Beach is the Wackiest Beach in Los Angeles

This is where you can find the awe-inspiring performances that turned to silhouettes as you watch the stunning sunset. You will also find many crazy personalities, beach stands, local artists and musicians. Arnold Schwarzenegger frequented this beach before he became governor of California.

4. Manhattan Beach is the haven for bike and roller blade riders

This is where you will find the beach house from the popular TV show 90210 at the end point of the beach. The TV show filmed the scene when the 90210 cast celebrated beach summer.

5. Leo Carrillo is best for Hyperactive Kids

Keep hyperactive kids busy by going to this summer camp style beach full of tide pools, nature trails and cliff kids. They’re going to tire out by the end of the day.

6. Paradise Cove is Brad and Angelina’s getaway

The two Hollywood celebrities were spotted strolling down the scenic sands.

7. Will Rogers is the Baywatch

This is the beach where David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson filmed the popular TV show “Baywatch.”

It is interesting to note that all of these beaches are accessible from Venice Beach Cotel.

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