Spending The Summer in Venice Beach

Anyone planning a summer vacation wonders where to go. Many people love the beach while others love fancy resorts. Spending summer in Venice beach is quite exciting as it has a variety of activities to offer. The beach is one of the best places in the world for roller skating. It also has a rich history to offer any person who spends his summer vacation in that place. Tourism thrives in Venice beach as the entire summer season is always filled with a lot of fun. The place is full of entertainers guaranteed to make ones vacation unforgettable. There are many spots in California that one can enjoy at any time of the year. Summer in Venice beach will be a vacation worth remembering once a person picks that sizzling place.

Venice is well known to be the birthplace of roller skating during summer.  Essentially, one needs appropriate summer clothes and roller skates to be good to go. One should be sure to apply a sun block before going skating in this wonderful beach. A person will have fun rolling along the beach while trying to avoid sand pits on the way. One may even make amazing friends who know more about roller skating in that place. The place possesses a rich history concerning the sport hence the residents are obviously talented in skating.

One can take a walk in Ocean Front Walk whereby he will know everything about Venice beach. There are tarot card readers in the place together with talented musicians. One will also see artisans and hotdog vendors trying to make a living out of their work. The scenery created will be quite beautiful for a person who is visiting the beach for the first time. Such a person will appreciate humanity in a very special way as he sees people of diverse personalities living the beach life.

The place is bound to keep one entertained throughout his stay. One may surf, sail or even do paragliding. There are unique whales that one can watch while having a good time on the beach. Venice Beach acrobatics will take one through a thrill he will never forget. Summer in Venice Beach is not complete until one gets to see talented acrobats doing what they do best.

Sunbathing is yet another fun activity that one can do in Venice beach. The place is splendid for unwinding at the warm sand. One will get to enjoy the sun while he relaxes on that beach with friends or even family. It will be a good time to connect with people who matter most in one`s life as he enjoys the sights and sounds of Venice Beach.

On top of that, one will get to enjoy fun sports such as volleyball. The place has many beach volleyball courts that come in handy for those who love the sport. It keeps one physically fit and he also gets to interact with different people as he plays the game. You may be taught new skills of the game making his trip to that place worthwhile.

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Art at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is an electric and culturally vibrant city that offers a variety of treasures and unique artifacts unlike any place on earth. Whether its original art work or handmade items, Venice is known for its creative approach to fashion, accessories, home décor and keepsakes. As you walk around, you will notice different walks of life that exhibit the many styles and attitudes that Venice is about. Since Venice is naturally an artsy community, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month is the Venice Art Crawl, where locals and visitors explore local artists exhibits within local businesses throughout the Venice area. For instance, check out the newest Venice mural done by Isabelle Alford-Lagoon and two other artists right on the corner of Westminster and Speedway. It’s Amazing! To find out more about the new exhibits for the month, check out veniceartcrawl.com.

On Saturday, April 21st, there will be a Surf and Skate swap meet that allows you to browse and shop from local Venice vendors, listen to great music, and enjoy great food (including a beer garden hosted by Pabst & Primo). Come and shop and enjoy all that Venice has to offer at the Venice Farmer’s Market lot on Venice and Dell. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

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Spending the Summer in Venice Beach

If you are interested in enjoying a trip to a beautiful exotic beach of walking on moist sand with your partner on enjoying the sunshine with your friends the spending the summer in the Venice Beach should be your first priority.  Venice Beach is one of California’s most popular attractions second only to Disneyland. It is famous around the world for its Venice canals and the boardwalk, with its artists, vendors and street performers.

Spending your summer in the Venice beach is also a good idea because this place on average receives 300 days of sunlight. The humidity levels are low so you should not be worried about the sweaty balmy vacations which most of the other resorts offer. The temperature variation is also very deceptive. Day temperature is usually very warm and comfortable but nights can be cold. Hottest temperatures are observed in the month of July. So spending the summer in Venice beach can be most memorable for a sun lover. But it is also very important to protect your skin.  The best thing to experience in the Venice Beach is its street life. Around every corner you can find a variety of performers such as singers, musicians, fortune-tellers, comics, jugglers, mimics and any other kind of performer you can think of. If you are with your partner, friends or children, there is not going to be a single moment without joy and pleasure. The street life in Venice Beach is so amazing that you will find yourself lost in it. Best of all is Ocean Front Walk. You can also select a sidewalk café and enjoy your evening enjoying the spectacular activity happening around you.

Venice Beach is a three mile long sandy piece of land by the sea but don’t rely on its small size this place is called as the roller skating capital of the world. It’s a heaven for the roller skaters who come from all over the country. Venice Beach have a long history of traditional music. Music along with the Beatnick poetry adds real excitement to the trip for a music lover which most of us are. You can do fishing on the Venice Pier or fun riding at Pacific Park.

Accommodation is not a problem while staying at Venice beach. The Venice Beach Cotel hostel offers a residence at a very economical price. You can choose your spot according to your need and imagination. Food is also very tasty and delicious and there are restaurants that offer all kinds of food. Washington Boulevard is famous for their restaurants.  People are very interactive and friendly. As the sun goes down the night life starts and with it a new horizon of activity appears. There are bars, theaters and art galleries exhilarating environment. Shopping is also fun, you can buy gifts for special ones or antiques for your home which van be pleasant memories after you leave Venice Beach. So if you want to enjoy sun and have a leisurely time there could be no better option than spending your summer in Venice Beach.

Activities in Venice Beach

Venice Beach in Southern California is arguably the most famous beach in the world. Everyone knows about it and hearing the words ‘Venice Beach’ conjures images of a flawless beach, glorious sunshine and lots of beautiful people relaxing in the California heat. But, Venice Beach has a lot more to offer than this and there are so many exciting activities in Venice Beach to keep visitors occupied.

Regular Events

Venice Beach has an exciting night life, and every Thursday is the Twilight Dance Series and sees a free outdoor concert held at the Santa Monica Pier. On the third Thursday of every month, Venice is turned into a living art gallery as local businesses and residents host art exhibits and live music. It’s a unique experience created to bring the community together.

Venice Beach is famous for its sporting activities, and The Venice Beach Basketball league plays every Sunday at the famous basketball courts. It’s the most intense streetball league in the world, so come along and support your favorite team.

Summer Events - Sports

Activities in Venice Beach step up a gear in the summer. From late July to early September, there is a different event happening. Venice Beach is never short of activities, but during the summer there is so much to do that you won’t know where to start!

On August 13th and 14th, the Handball 3 Wall Big Ball Doubles tournament is held. This is handball in an outdoor court with no back wall and is a tricky twist on the regular four wall handball courts.

The ASA Super Girl Jam comes to Venice Beach on August 17th-22nd as 100 of the top female athletes in the world will compete at the skate park. They will compete in both skateboarding and snowboarding competitions, and the Super Girl Jam is the biggest and most testing event of its type.

High school basketball takes over Venice Beach on August 25th to 28th, as the ESPN Rise basketball events come to town. Come and see the future stars of the NBA battling it out on the Venice Beach courts.

One of the most activities in Venice Beach is the bodybuilding of Muscle Beach. Arnold Schwarzenegger found fame there, and the tradition of bodybuilding on the beach continues with the Labor Day Figure and Body Building championships. Is there anywhere better for a bodybuilding competition than Venice Beach, in the shadows of the world famous Gold’s Gym?

On September 8th and 9th, the United States Paddle Tennis Association will hold its US Open Singles Championship. Paddle tennis is played on a smaller court than regular tennis and with paddles instead of string rackets. The smaller court produces a faster paced, reaction based game and is exciting to watch.

Summer Events - Music

In early August is the Venice Beach Music Festival. Music of all genres, from bluegrass to heavy metal are represented and it’s a free day full of fun, music and sun. Previous years have also seen art shows, dancers and belly dancers entertain the visitors to the festival. It is funded purely by the local businesses in Venice Beach and is fun for all the family.

If you like your music to be more gospel then the Disciples on the Move ministry will be holding a rally in Venice Beach on August 11th.

Whatever your interests are, there are plenty of activities in Venice Beach to cater to everyone. Whether it is sports, music or simply lazing on the beach, there is something for every visitor.

Fun Facts about Beaches in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not only world famous because of Hollywood or Disneyland, but home to dozens of beaches. With a large area and diverse culture, certainly Los Angeles has something to offer to anyone, thus millions of people come to the city of Angels for that dream beach vacation.

Below are interesting facts on some Los Angeles Beaches:

  • Leo Carillo State Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Los Angeles with interesting rock formation and caves. This is the ideal place to head to if you are into scuba diving, wind surfing, tide pooling and surfing.
  • Will Rogers State Beach is situated closer to the city, a beach with a long stretch of sand. It is rated by Nature Conservancy as the best California beach for swimming,
  • Manhattan Beach is one of the busiest Los Angeles beaches. Other than swimming, fishing, walking and biking, this urban beach is also best for people watching and satisfying your sight with beautiful beachfront homes. Coffee shops and specialty stores are accessible too.
  • Zuma Beach is located northernmost of Los Angeles. Apart from surfing and swimming, Zuma beach is best for whale watching (in winter). Another reason to head to this beach is that the water is a little colder than beaches in the South.
  • El Matador Beach or called “pocket” beach because it is too small that you think it can fit in your pocket. Since it is very secluded this is the ideal place to go for romantic walks, bodysurfing, bodyboarding and swimming.
  • Venice Beach is the place to be for sun, sand and fun. Venice Beach is loaded with rich history and colorful entrainment. Restaurants, spas, gyms, specialty shops, street entertainers, singers, caricaturists, fortune tellers, magicians abound for that one stop California getaway.

These lists will give you an idea to plan your Los Angeles trip. Make sure to stay at Venice Beach Cotel, a Los Angeles Hostel that will keep you comfortable as well as within your budget.

Fun Things to do in Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach Los Angeles is one of the most desired destinations of travelers and vacationers worldwide. It creates a superficial sense of the ethereal unlike other places in the world. It is popular for the street performers, artists and the lively atmosphere. It seemed like a place where carnival occurs all year round without admission fees

In fact, the Venice Beach Cotel is one of the key things that make your stay in Venice memorable and exciting. It makes Venice indeed unique compared to its counterparts. Each of the beaches in Venice had its own exceptional personality. You think you’ve seen them all but not in Venice Beach.

Things to do in Venice Beach Los Angeles

1. Sharks tooth hunting on Casperson Beach at the end point of the Harbor Drive

2. Have fun at the pavilions and playground at the edge of Red Lake

3. Bring pets on Brohard Beach celebrating the bondage between your four-legged friends and you

4. Ride on jetty and go fishing or just watch a beautiful sunset

5. Gain access to the Intracoastal area through the newly renovated pavilion located Nokomis Beach

6. Ride your bike on Venice Beach bike path. It is a concrete bike path that stretches out along the sand and up the coast through Santa Monica. It is one of the popular spaces for roller skating and biking ideal for local and foreign public exhibitionist. The path takes a detour on the Marina Del Rey. You can also continue your biking activity south towards the Palos Verde Peninsula.

Find a great deal at Venice Beach Cotel, Los Angeles Hostel and enjoy the rest of your stay in Venice while relaxing at the same time. Venice Beach has many things waiting for you to uncover.

Exciting Things to do in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles area dubbed as one of “10 Great Public Spaces in the U.S.” It is also home to world famous Santa Monica pier, sunny climate and beach which access the Pacific Ocean. With so many exciting things to offer, Santa Monica is the perfect destination for a laid-back yet fun filled vacation.

Stroll down Santa Monica and get to know its rich history and culture through their landmarks. Some of these historical landmarks include Miles Playhouse for theater productions, Paul Getty Museum where antiques, sculptures, paintings and photos are displayed. There’s Looff Hippodrome, Miramar hotel, former homes of celebrities and of course the Santa Monica pier packed with amusement park attractions and entertainment.

Explore Third Street Promenade – a pedestrian mall where people from all walks of life head to. Movie centers, shops where major US stores have branches and cafes are accessible in this walkway. Plus, a variety of restaurants abound catering to every culinary preference matched with street musicians and entertainers for a relaxing afternoon.

After swimming and soaking into the water, bikes, skateboards, roller blades and other non motorized transportation are available for rent. Grab your preferred non motorized transportation and take the trail to slash off the extra pounds you gained after dining at different Santa Monica restaurants.

The Venice Beach Cotel is a great Los Angeles hostel is available where you can stay to fully enjoy the benefits of your vacation. This hostel is affordable to cater your accommodation needs. Amenities and facilities vary according to price, thus it is important to book your hostel experience first beforehand to estimate your budget.

Tips On How to Prepare For a Los Angeles Beach Vacation

Los Angeles also called as the city of Angels has everything to offer to anyone. Its sweet and romantic sunset, scenic beach and long stretch of sand are the highlights of LA. Every year millions of tourists flock to Los Angeles to swim, experience different water sports, for a leisure walk or simply to lounge on the beach.  To ensure it will be worth the time and money, it is essential to plan and prepare properly to avoid mishaps.

Below are the tips on how to prepare a Los Angeles vacation:

  1. Make a list of things of important things to be addressed beforehand such as what to bring, where to stay, activities to do, etc. This will help you achieve an organized and hassle free vacation.
  2. Research and book your flights in advance to ensure flight availability on your preferred departure date. This will also save you money for cheaper ates are offered for flights booked in advance.
  3. Take your time to look for a Los Angeles Hostel that offers reasonable rates with amenities and services that best suit your accommodation requirements.
  4. Make a research on different Los Angeles beach including each beach’s highlights, pros and cons, the best time to visit the beach, nearby restaurants, safety precautions and others. This way you will have an idea on choosing the closest Los Angeles Hostel to save you travel time and transportation expenses to fully enjoy the benefits of your beach vacation.
  5. Make a list of activities to do while on vacation. This will help you manage your time. Not only that, this list will keep you from missing all the worthwhile beach activities.
  6. Don’t forget to bring sun block with high SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. In addition, always remember to drink a lot of water and other liquids as warmer temperature can cause dehydration. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit incase of minor accidents. These important items should be on top of your what-to-bring list to avoid spoiling your beach vacation.

Following these simple tips will help your money go a long way. Through these easy to follow preparations you will have a great Los Angeles beach vacation without the stress.

Exciting things to do in Venice Beach Los Angeles

Venice Beach is a must see destination if you are in Los Angeles. Other than the usual sun and sand fun the place is also world renowned for its rich cultural history.  With so many exciting things to do in Venice Beach, tourists are sure to have a memorable vacation.

Venice Beach has an array of exciting activities to offer any time of the day.  Take a walk to the beach and know everything you need to know about Venice Beach.  While the beach and sunset offer a laid back atmosphere, musicians, magicians, jugglers, singers, dancers, roller skaters or guitar players are additional attractions for a colorful beach vacation.  To add extra fun to your Venice Beach visit, fortune tellers are also available.  For that personalized souvenir, Venice Beach is also laced with caricaturists.

To fully enjoy the three mile long beach try different water sports like paragliding, sailing and surfing. Whale watching is also a top activity on the list if you want to just relax. Volleyball courts, handball courts, gyms abound, thus, you can still work up a sweat while on vacation. For that true California spirit, grab a bicycle or roller blades and stroll down specialty stores for antiques, books or spas for pampering.

Great restaurants and eateries ranging from casual to fine dining are available to cater your dining pleasure. If you can’t get enough of the sights and sound of the beach, you can take out foods and enjoy it at Venice Beach’s picnic tables or benches. Not only will it satisfy your taste buds but your eyes as well.

To complete your fun filled Venice Beach adventure, it is essential to book your accommodation first.  There are many Los Angeles Hostels available to choose from. Make your choice and ensure your Los Angeles Hostels’ choice meets your specifications. Apart from the price, make sure it offers good service and amenities for your comfort and convenience.

Start planning your Venice Beach trip now! Venice Beach Cotel should be on your list of places to stay while in the Los Angeles area.