Exciting things to do in Venice Beach Los Angeles

Venice Beach is a must see destination if you are in Los Angeles. Other than the usual sun and sand fun the place is also world renowned for its rich cultural history.  With so many exciting things to do in Venice Beach, tourists are sure to have a memorable vacation.

Venice Beach has an array of exciting activities to offer any time of the day.  Take a walk to the beach and know everything you need to know about Venice Beach.  While the beach and sunset offer a laid back atmosphere, musicians, magicians, jugglers, singers, dancers, roller skaters or guitar players are additional attractions for a colorful beach vacation.  To add extra fun to your Venice Beach visit, fortune tellers are also available.  For that personalized souvenir, Venice Beach is also laced with caricaturists.

To fully enjoy the three mile long beach try different water sports like paragliding, sailing and surfing. Whale watching is also a top activity on the list if you want to just relax. Volleyball courts, handball courts, gyms abound, thus, you can still work up a sweat while on vacation. For that true California spirit, grab a bicycle or roller blades and stroll down specialty stores for antiques, books or spas for pampering.

Great restaurants and eateries ranging from casual to fine dining are available to cater your dining pleasure. If you can’t get enough of the sights and sound of the beach, you can take out foods and enjoy it at Venice Beach’s picnic tables or benches. Not only will it satisfy your taste buds but your eyes as well.

To complete your fun filled Venice Beach adventure, it is essential to book your accommodation first.  There are many Los Angeles Hostels available to choose from. Make your choice and ensure your Los Angeles Hostels’ choice meets your specifications. Apart from the price, make sure it offers good service and amenities for your comfort and convenience.

Start planning your Venice Beach trip now! Venice Beach Cotel should be on your list of places to stay while in the Los Angeles area.

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