Spending the Summer in Venice Beach

If you are interested in enjoying a trip to a beautiful exotic beach of walking on moist sand with your partner on enjoying the sunshine with your friends the spending the summer in the Venice Beach should be your first priority.  Venice Beach is one of California’s most popular attractions second only to Disneyland. It is famous around the world for its Venice canals and the boardwalk, with its artists, vendors and street performers.

Spending your summer in the Venice beach is also a good idea because this place on average receives 300 days of sunlight. The humidity levels are low so you should not be worried about the sweaty balmy vacations which most of the other resorts offer. The temperature variation is also very deceptive. Day temperature is usually very warm and comfortable but nights can be cold. Hottest temperatures are observed in the month of July. So spending the summer in Venice beach can be most memorable for a sun lover. But it is also very important to protect your skin.  The best thing to experience in the Venice Beach is its street life. Around every corner you can find a variety of performers such as singers, musicians, fortune-tellers, comics, jugglers, mimics and any other kind of performer you can think of. If you are with your partner, friends or children, there is not going to be a single moment without joy and pleasure. The street life in Venice Beach is so amazing that you will find yourself lost in it. Best of all is Ocean Front Walk. You can also select a sidewalk café and enjoy your evening enjoying the spectacular activity happening around you.

Venice Beach is a three mile long sandy piece of land by the sea but don’t rely on its small size this place is called as the roller skating capital of the world. It’s a heaven for the roller skaters who come from all over the country. Venice Beach have a long history of traditional music. Music along with the Beatnick poetry adds real excitement to the trip for a music lover which most of us are. You can do fishing on the Venice Pier or fun riding at Pacific Park.

Accommodation is not a problem while staying at Venice beach. The Venice Beach Cotel hostel offers a residence at a very economical price. You can choose your spot according to your need and imagination. Food is also very tasty and delicious and there are restaurants that offer all kinds of food. Washington Boulevard is famous for their restaurants.  People are very interactive and friendly. As the sun goes down the night life starts and with it a new horizon of activity appears. There are bars, theaters and art galleries exhilarating environment. Shopping is also fun, you can buy gifts for special ones or antiques for your home which van be pleasant memories after you leave Venice Beach. So if you want to enjoy sun and have a leisurely time there could be no better option than spending your summer in Venice Beach.

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