About Venice Beach

Venice Beach is a famous urban beach located in West Los Angeles. It is actually considered one of the icons of Los Angeles where creative and artistic people hang out. Other than the sweet sunset Venice beach is best known for its exciting and vibrant environment.

Venice was once named the Venice of America because of its miles of man-made waterways. It was founded by local developer Abbot Kinney in 1905. Since then Venice has been the ultimate place for extra ordinary summer getaway. Undeniably, Venice beach has something to offer to anyone any time of the day other than its long stretch beach.

Furthermore, Venice beach is an awesome place for people watching. This is where you all races and nationalities come together and have fun; Asians, Mexicans, Afro-Americans, Whites and all minorities. There are tons of shops where you can buy souvenirs and interesting stuff.  Also, there are nearby restaurants and cafes offering different foods to suit varying dining pleasures.

With so many exciting things to do in Venice Beach, this place is always busy. Take a walk at the sidewalk and feed your sight with hip and funky entertainment such as magicians, palm readers, singers, musicians, belly dancers, jugglers and more. Don’t forget to visit Abbot Kinney boulevard where shops, boutiques and specialty stores are located. Likewise, nicer and better restaurants can be found in this newest hip spot.

If you want to experience funky Venice fun, then start looking for a Los Angeles Hostel now. Booking at Venice Beach Cotel will help you save time, by being so close to the beach, and money. The Cotel at Venice Beach will match your budget without compromising comfort.

It’s Summertime at the Cotel!!!!

Summer is in full swing here in Venice. We kicked off with the Muscle Beach Iron Man conference over Memorial day weekend staring our lovely Aussie Dimitrios (Jim) with his fantastic booth set-up. We miss you, come back soon!!

Also new this summer is our Santa Monica bar crawl with Public Exposure: Come meet up with us and groups from all the hostels in the area and check out the local pub scene. Start off the night with a sports bar right on the promenade, move on to the Broadway Alehouse for local California brews and old-school karaoke, the Britannia for a taste of the UK and Barney’s Beanery for some pool sharking and one of the largest selections of beer on tap in the area. We finished out the night at Zanzibar nightclub, dancing until they kicked us out. Free shots and drink specials for everyone!!!!!

If you aren’t too hungover the next day, come see us at the desk for painkillers and coffee, then join in our new day time activities! Volleyball! Football! Basketball! Swimming, boogie-boarding and sandcastles!! Beach BBQs, and bike trips to Malibu! Shopping on the promenade!! Day trips to Hollywood! We’re even headed to Griffith park for a great hike and an even better view!

We have our new summer staff here and ready to go! Val is the Bulgarian queen of the bar and lounge. Want something to do? Or someone to go out with? She’s your girl and here to stay and play! Want to get better on your sporting skills, or maintain the ones you have? Venice Beach is the place to be. Come and train with Kewan and Casey, our new day activities organizers.

Last but not least…We send our love out to Kevin and Sophia, Cotel regulars who came back for more!!!

Did you have a great time on your stay? Or a good story to tell? Send it to us and see it here!!

Interesting facts about Los Angeles Beaches

If you’re the type who loves beaches then Los Angeles Beaches are definitely a treat. You can stay at Venice Beach Cotel and find great deals on accommodation while you’re at it. Aside from the coziness and warmth of the cotel, there are a lot of things you can learn about Los Angeles Beaches.

1. Malibu Lagoon is home of Hollywood Celebrities and Superstars

Private beaches and stunning homes stretches out in Malibu. It is worth your while to find exclusive beaches where you can spend some of your vacation time,

2. Santa Monica’s Pier is the Oldest in the West Coast of United States

Free to visit the pier, great to eat in restaurant and tons of street performances to enjoy, Santa Monica Beach is a good place to start for your vacation.

3. Venice Beach is the Wackiest Beach in Los Angeles

This is where you can find the awe-inspiring performances that turned to silhouettes as you watch the stunning sunset. You will also find many crazy personalities, beach stands, local artists and musicians. Arnold Schwarzenegger frequented this beach before he became governor of California.

4. Manhattan Beach is the haven for bike and roller blade riders

This is where you will find the beach house from the popular TV show 90210 at the end point of the beach. The TV show filmed the scene when the 90210 cast celebrated beach summer.

5. Leo Carrillo is best for Hyperactive Kids

Keep hyperactive kids busy by going to this summer camp style beach full of tide pools, nature trails and cliff kids. They’re going to tire out by the end of the day.

6. Paradise Cove is Brad and Angelina’s getaway

The two Hollywood celebrities were spotted strolling down the scenic sands.

7. Will Rogers is the Baywatch

This is the beach where David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson filmed the popular TV show “Baywatch.”

It is interesting to note that all of these beaches are accessible from Venice Beach Cotel.

Fun Things to do in Santa Monica

If accommodation is the primary requirement when going for a vacation in Santa Monica, Venice Beach Cotel might be the next best thing that you need. What about the things that you can do in Santa Monica? Apart from staying in a cozy and accommodating Los Angeles Hostel, there is surely something else that you want to do with your family?

1. Spend time in Santa Monica Beaches

Santa Monica Beaches stretches out for 3.5 miles between Venice and Malibu. This is a perfect venue for you to read a good book, relax or walk barefooted on the sand.

2. Visit the Santa Monica Pier

It is the oldest pier on the West Coast which was featured in the award-winning movie “Forrest Gump.” The pier is open all throughout the year which is perfect for sunset viewing and for people rekindling their love under the stars.

3. Take a look at the 9-story Ferris wheel

Located at the Pacific Park, the only solar-powered Ferris wheel not found anywhere else in the world is one of the most visited areas in Santa Monica.

4. Watch 3rd Street Promenade at Night

If you are the type who enjoys street performances and entertainments then this would be one of the exciting events in Santa Monica. Instead of curling up in your bed at Venice Beach Cotel where you’re staying, you can stop by to watch dancers, mimes, acrobats and a whole lot more.

5. Take a stroll on the Douglas Park

It is located at the midtown are of Santa Monica. You can take a stroll with kids, spend a day on shady picnic tables and let the kids run around the sandy playground.

Santa Monica is a haven of many activities. You’ll never run out of exciting things to do in the area – what’s more is that some of these activities can be done for free.

Beck’s Return

Our very own Becks is back from the UK to rock the lounge at the Cotel!! Saturday night started out relaxed with everyone knocking back a beer or two and calming down after a beautiful day outside. Becks, along with guest DJ Everest filled the air with music and sparked conversations all around. The tables were soon full smiling faces and everyone was ready to go out. The Townhouse Bar across the street was our destination tonight. Crowded with a dancing, drinking, talking crowd of locals and travelers, it was a normal busy Friday night.

Sunday was all about Meet the Fockers and ConnectFour. The roll-on-the-floor comedy got everyone started and in the mood for some intense gaming. I’ve never seen more competitive ConnectFour matches than I did that night. You could hear the shouts of victory from the street. Next, it was time for the guitars. All the in-house musicians decided an impromptu performance was called for and proceeded to greatly entertain us all. After closing, we headed downstairs for a nightcap at the Townhouse.

With new people and fun events each and everyday, you don’t want to miss out. Come and stay with us!

Venice Beach Cotel launches its new site

Hello travelers!

We are proud to be launching our new website this month. We have made it easier to use for many of our international guests. Now you can read about our hostel in seven different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian!

We have also included more photos of the Venice Beach Cotel and sites around Los Angeles. Use our travel resources to plan your days in Los Angeles or contact us to ask a question.

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