Beck’s Return

Our very own Becks is back from the UK to rock the lounge at the Cotel!! Saturday night started out relaxed with everyone knocking back a beer or two and calming down after a beautiful day outside. Becks, along with guest DJ Everest filled the air with music and sparked conversations all around. The tables were soon full smiling faces and everyone was ready to go out. The Townhouse Bar across the street was our destination tonight. Crowded with a dancing, drinking, talking crowd of locals and travelers, it was a normal busy Friday night.

Sunday was all about Meet the Fockers and ConnectFour. The roll-on-the-floor comedy got everyone started and in the mood for some intense gaming. I’ve never seen more competitive ConnectFour matches than I did that night. You could hear the shouts of victory from the street. Next, it was time for the guitars. All the in-house musicians decided an impromptu performance was called for and proceeded to greatly entertain us all. After closing, we headed downstairs for a nightcap at the Townhouse.

With new people and fun events each and everyday, you don’t want to miss out. Come and stay with us!

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